Interior Design and Branding project

Shanghai, China
24 Apr 2017
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21 Apr 2017

The client is looking for a design studio or a designer team to create a full interior design and branding of an international school's dining facilities in Northern China. Previous experience of designing schools is a plus.

The client needs full overall appearance design in about 3 weeks, not construction drawings, not MEP design (though it should be taking in consideration during the design), but CAD and 3D-renders. +1000sqm

Design studio/team need to be able to come to the clients office twice a week.

The client has created a brief document about the project site and their requirements. The client wants to start working on the project ASAP, and are requiring a quotation. Underneath is a outtake of the project requirements, please apply for the project to be provided the full project document.

Design Team (DT) should prepare a quotation that includes:

1. Develop a fully-articulated SU Model (w 2 exterior views incorporated)
2. Apply all designs details (of form, color, lighting, and texture) to mode
3. Reconsider the 5 islands in the context of China’s new “FDA-equivalent” regulations
4. Incorporate digitization solutions from our tech team into the model, i. e., a 1.7 m tall display board
5. Develop a design for the adjacent exterior terrace
6. Produce 6 highly-articulated renderings (aka static shots) on 3-D Max
7. Create a physical materials board
8. Place all digital materials on a USB
9. Produce a physical branding board


- provide a "walk through" video
- Print copies of the Design Book
- Produce a rough costing estimate based on mid-level materials

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