Is it free to join Creagent as a designer?

Yes, it’s totally free to join Creagent. Also, it doesn’t commit you to anything: it only opens a new sales channel for you and gives you access to our project offers. When we offer a project, it’s your decision whether you are interested in accepting it.

What kind of designers
do you have in your pool?

We have designers from all fields: graphic design, industrial design, service design, design management, strategic design, interior design, UX and UI design etc. We also have both senior and junior level designers.

Are the designers in your
pool working at Creagent?

No, designers in our pool aren’t on our payroll. This means that we can service our clients as an unbiased party and look for the right kind of skills at the right price for a certain need. Also, our designers can work at other projects freely rather than solely with Creagent.

Do I have to have my own
company when I join Creagent?

You can work independently as a freelancer with your own company, or you can be an established design agency. Our administration and invoicing operations function between companies, so designers are not on our payroll.

How Creagent charges for
their services?

We operate on a commission basis: there’s a fee for our sales and marketing operations, and services to match the designers’ and the projects’ needs. We handle all administration related to the assignments, including invoicing.

How does Creagent differ from design
crowdsourcing sites?

We only have professional, talented designers in our pool, unlike these sites where anyone can offer their design work. We don’t think it’s fair to have design work done and risk not getting paid for your work. We don’t also believe that design is such a simple thing that you can just order a logo, for example, from a crowdsourcing site. We think it’s a much more complex and strategic process than that, if the company really wants to enhance their business and brand through design.