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Creagent is the Nordic Design Broker. We provide a unique pool of talented designers from all fields and a wide range of expertise to match various business needs.

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In our pool we have junior and senior designers in all fields of design: graphic, digital, industrial, usability, interior, service, strategic etc. We are growing the pool, especially in the Nordics and Asia. Creagent Ltd. is incorporated in Finland, with headquarters in Helsinki, the World Design Capital 2012. We have roots in the Scandinavian design tradition, which is historically synonymous with good design.


Our mission is to enable companies to acquire all kinds of design talent and services easily and cost-effectively under one roof. For individual designers, freelancers and small design companies, we help them with their selling and marketing efforts. Designers who sell their services via Creagent are provided with new, interesting assignments which match their skills and wishes, thus leaving them to concentrate on what they do best.


Creagent operates as an unbiased sales organization between the service provider and buyer to make the match more accurate. We don’t have designers on our payroll, instead we collaborate with professional and talented designers. Our operations are based on a unique matching method where companies can quickly and easily get the right design talent, and designers are able to receive interesting assignments and projects.